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... is that a thing? If not, then I think Hart Berry is on to something. After introducing her to the ladies Thursday night, I found my myself sitting on the floor, leaned up against the wall, feeling that same feeling that comes over me when I'm either getting my hair done or having a body massage. Just listening to her talk about her passion and love for flowers and hearing all about her favorite memories in her grandparent's flower garden caused my mind to slip into a state of wanting more. In fact, when she told us it was time to get up and go get our hands dirty, I honestly wanted to ask her to keep talking. I was not ready to get up and do anything.

Hart has been a part of Gatherings from the very beginning. In fact, I think she has only missed two total. So it was only natural for me to encourage her to teach on her gift of gardening. And boy, am I glad I did. I had no idea how much knowledge was packed inside this girl's brain. I knew she had to be smart because her day job of pharmacy ... which actually made sense when she was teaching because she used the "ten dollar words" when introducing the succulents. You know the kind that can't be spelled {with or without a google search}. A succulent is just a succulent in my mind. I had no idea there were so many variations with such difficult names. And who knew these little babies don't require much water. No wonder I can't keep one alive. I have a bad habit of watering when plants start to look like they're dying. The opposite is true with succulents. If they appear to be dying, don't water them. The leaves retain too much water and the membranes at the ends of the leaves swell and explode. There has to be a Sunday School lesson in there somewhere.

Back to my good idea about Hart starting a plant spa. Every plant spa should have a "home-grown flower bar" just like any good day spa has an organic smoothie bar. How therapeutic. I feel like I should be sitting here in a cotton terry cloth bath robe as I type this blog. Even thinking back on this evening relaxes me. Watching the ladies decided which flowers to use in their fresh cut flower arrangement and which bowl they picked for the succulent arrangement was priceless. They each took their time making the perfect selection ... creating an arrangement that was unique to their own personalities. And then getting their hands dirty by "massaging the roots" {Kim Kelly and Ann Rigney were professionals at this by the end of the night}. I'm telling y'all, even plants get massages.

I love watching new friendships being planted.

And old friendships being watered.

And mothers and daughters spending time together.

And, I LOVE spending Thursday evenings with you ladies. Meeting new women and reconnecting with those from past chapters of life. This was such a sweet evening. Like one lady said recently, "it's like leaving my worries at your front door". Now that is what I'm talking about!

Relax, enjoy, and leave wanting more.


Nachos, Guacamole and Cactus Fruit

Recipe for Three Milk Cake

1 box white Cake Mix

1 can Pet Milk

1 can Eagle Brand Milk

1 pint 1/2 & 1/2

1 large Cool Whip

Bake cake per package directions; mix all three milks together in a bowl; poke holes in the cake; pour the milks over the cake and refrigerate; top with cool whip.


Thank you for continuing to sign up for Gatherings. I am excited about the upcoming line-up. Let me know your thoughts. I want to keep things fresh and exciting for you. Much love, Jill

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