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Hey Ladies, it's that time again. For those of you that are just now joining in on the fun, about a month ago, I asked for your help in deciding which painting I should hang on an empty wall next to the fireplace in my den. This wall has been blank since we moved in almost 7 years ago. So I need your help on what you think looks best hanging. Please vote at the end of this page ... and make sure you go back and look at the other two pieces for comparison.

I have teamed up with Whit Geary of @VIEWGALLERY, my Instagram followers, and the Gatherings girls to help me finally decide on the perfect piece. Before each Gatherings, I am hanging a different piece in hopes to get your feedback. So, let me introduce you to the next artist.


THIRD PIECE | Thank the Air | by Catie Radney

Catie Radney is a native of Brewton, Alabama, who now makes her home in Alexander City, Alabama, where she lives with her husband and two young children. Catie graduated from the University of Alabama in 1996 and spent the first few years of her adult life as an elementary school art instructor. She now spends her time pursuing her two passions: her children and her art. She has named this piece "Thank the Air".

Please click on this link and let me know either

"yay" or "nay".


To view FIRST PIECE, click here.

To view SECOND PIECE, click here.


I appreciate y'all so much!

Much love, Jill

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