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Real Men Wear Pink

Breast cancer affects everyone. Women and men. That's why

American Cancer Society is recruiting men to help fight breast cancer through the Real Men Wear Pink campaign. Breast cancer awareness month starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st. Every dollar raised helps the American Cancer Society save lives from breast cancer through early detection and prevention, innovative breast cancer research, and patient support. Thanks to the passion of the Real Men Wear Pink supporters, a huge impact is made on the mission to end breast cancer.


My neighbor, Dr. Benjamin McIntyre, is among the distinguished group of community leaders determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society's mission and save more lives than ever before from breast cancer. I have been lucky, so far. I have never heard the horrifying words 'you have breast cancer'. However, many of my friends have. So Ladies, on behalf of all our girlfriends that have had to live through this gut-wrenching diagnosis, let's not even wait until October 1st. Let's give NOW to this amazing campaign by helping my neighbor and friend, Dr. Benjamin McIntyre, reach his goal. Because of you Ladies, Gatherings is giving a donation in honor of each of those that have walked through my door that have had to bare this burden.

Won't you join me? - Jill

Why Dr. McIntyre Wears Pink

"As a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast reconstruction, it has been an honor to be selected for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign. I have devoted my entire career to making women feel whole again after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, I get the distinct privilege to help in a different way. I believe this campaign makes a difference for all women. It also helps our state by bringing funds, not only for much needed treatments, but also for patient and family support, along with care and equipment for those that can’t afford it. The American Cancer Society provides resources and education at a grass roots level for breast cancer patients. Every day I am reminded of the toll breast cancer takes on patients and their families, and this is one important way that we can make a difference in the lives of our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Please join me in my Real Men Wear Pink campaign, so that we can make history beating cancer." - Dr. Ben


Many of you might recognize Dr. McIntyre's beautiful wife, Sherry, from past Gatherings. One of the kindest people I've ever known.

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