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G A T H E R I N G S | Elevated Envelopes

By this time of year, the holidays are chasing us down at intense speeds - starting with Halloween, cutting a sharp corner on Thanksgiving, and skidding into Christmas. And before we know it, we find ourselves staring into the rear-view mirror wondering what just happened.

I am the world's worst about getting Christmas cards in the mail. Seems like my intentions are always good, but somehow time gets in my way - which leads me to "just making do" with whatever family picture I can find on my phone in early December. But this holiday season, Gatherings is doing our part in making sure the greeting cards we send are prepared in love, not haste. So on this Thursday evening, we slowed down and enjoyed the ride.

The weather might have been dreary on this October evening, but the teacher for this class was super fun and sassy! As a child, Meagan Babb spent many weekends dabbling in her mom's watercolors and doodling with her dad's intricate engineer drafting pencils. She has been drenched in fine art over the years from obtaining a degree in Graphic Design from Mississippi State University to once overseeing display and visuals at the local Anthropologie - even branching out to provide retail store environment interiors. Now Meagan works under the name @NovelPaper as an illustrator, letterer, and designer with stationary for sale on Meagan taught us how to add a touch of hand to our envelopes - so now, the United States Postal Service will be so delighted when they get to deliver our little envelopes of love. Thank you, Meagan, for bringing some flair into the drear on this rainy Thursday evening.



This "mother-daughter" team came in first place for driving the farthest to this Gatherings. Amy Harris exited Tupelo yesterday afternoon, made a pit-stop in Starkville to pick up Caroline, then drove back when class was over. Hands down with flags flying ... you two came in first place.

Go Team Harris!



A lot of "mother-daughter" and "mother-in-luv" teams in attendance at this evening's event, but the youngest team member, by far, was Mattie Holloway. Clocking in at less than one month old, we did not hear one peep from baby girl - all night long.






"Team Sister Act" is at it again ... they might not come in first place with their skills, but they will take you on the ride of your life - every single time!





A special thank you to this lovely young lady. I have known Lucien Farese since she was just a baby girl and can honestly say she has been gifted with one amazing voice. As the evening was starting to wind down, she blessed us with her amazing gift and took us all by storm! I don't believe one single lady knew what just happened. And I pray that the Lord glorifies Himself through the gift He has so graciously given her.