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G A T H E R I N G S | Thanksgiving Floral

Dolly Cruse. How can I even begin to describe this precious soul? Any description I use just won't be sweet enough. Because my words can't drip honey. They can't granulate sugar. Nor can they capture the sincerity of spirit that this lady pours out upon others. Every time I think of Dolly Cruse, or even hear her name mentioned, I smile. I smile because I know that somewhere along the way she has spoken kindly of me. And of others. She carries an essence of love. Every where she goes. Every person she meets. Her loves changes the atmosphere. Dolly loves people.

But Dolly also loves flowers. Dolly is known around this part of the world as "the flower lady" at Kroger. The one that can answer your questions, take your orders, and help you decide on flowers for any occasion. Over the years, Dolly has worked on more weddings than you can shake a stick at, and more funerals than she would like to remember. The Lord has gifted her with a love for others + a love for flowers which makes for a beautiful bouquet for life.


speaking of beautiful bouquets ...

How much more beautiful can you get than this group of ladies! It thrills my soul to meet new ladies at each of these Gatherings, to visit with old friends that I haven't seen in years, and it really thrills my soul to see ladies that have been before to come back for more. Bless you for your confidence in Gatherings. I hope that 2019 will prove to be even more of a thrill than this past year.