G A T H E R I N G S | Thanksgiving Floral

Dolly Cruse. How can I even begin to describe this precious soul? Any description I use just won't be sweet enough. Because my words can't drip honey. They can't granulate sugar. Nor can they capture the sincerity of spirit that this lady pours out upon others. Every time I think of Dolly Cruse, or even hear her name mentioned, I smile. I smile because I know that somewhere along the way she has spoken kindly of me. And of others. She carries an essence of love. Every where she goes. Every person she meets. Her loves changes the atmosphere. Dolly loves people.

But Dolly also loves flowers. Dolly is known around this part of the world as "the flower lady" at Kroger. The one that can answer your questions, take your orders, and help you decide on flowers for any occasion. Over the years, Dolly has worked on more weddings than you can shake a stick at, and more funerals than she would like to remember. The Lord has gifted her with a love for others + a love for flowers which makes for a beautiful bouquet for life.

speaking of beautiful bouquets ...

How much more beautiful can you get than this group of ladies! It thrills my soul to meet new ladies at each of these Gatherings, to visit with old friends that I haven't seen in years, and it really thrills my soul to see ladies that have been before to come back for more. Bless you for your confidence in Gatherings. I hope that 2019 will prove to be even more of a thrill than this past year.

When Gatherings started, a little over a year ago, I had no idea it could become an outlet for small businesses to be highlighted. But over time, my heart has been drawn to help give opportunities to showcase their creations. On this Thursday evening, we were taken back by the deliciousness that Emily Coker shared with us. Emily has a passion for creating and decorating all sorts of baked goods. This love of baking began at an early age. During college, she had the opportunity to work at a bakery where she was able to learn the tricks of the trade. And since then, she has loved baking for her friends and family by helping them celebrate all of life's special occasions. Which has brought her to this time in her life where Emily has decide to share her creations with others by following her passion of baking. She has recently started her new business called Coker Cakes. Make sure you order now for all your holiday baking needs by contacting Emily at emily.coker12@gmail.com. And you can see some of her creations by following her on Instagram @CokerCakes.



Don't you just love my gorgeous new pottery from Relish Home Accents! It was so much fun getting ready for the appetizer and dessert for this Gatherings so I could showcase my new pieces {notice how we turned this platter into a cake plate in the photo above}. I can't wait for all of you ladies to be able to see them at future Gatherings. Kayce Saik, and her mom, Kathy Cotton, opened Relish Home Accents eleven years ago on Highway 51. Seven years later, they outgrew that space and moved into their current location at 113 Dees Drive in Madison - right off the Gluckstadt exit. But soon, we will be able to watch as they break ground on the future home of Relish Home Accents which will be located just right down from the current location in the new Phase I Design District. Kayce and Kathy are looking forward to expanding Relish Home Accents in their new 5,000 square foot space - giving us more of the same plus the opportunity to surprise us with the latest and greatest design elements. Part of the expansion will be offering more lighting, which will include a Visual Comfort Gallery, bedding, pre-made custom curtains and pillows, more upholstered furniture, case goods and accessories. Kayce started this business with a passion for Interior Design. However, over time she has watched it evolve into so much more. Having been licensed as a contractor, Kayce has developed a love to build, flip, and remodel properties. But in her spare time, she continues to give instruction to commercial and residential interior design clients which include a very impressive list: Drench Day Spa, The Gathering, Livingston Mercantile, Fleetway Markets in Gluckstadt and Madison, Koestler Prime, the new Georgia Blue in Brandon and the future Georgia Blue in Madison. Make sure you visit Relish Home Accents at 113 Dees Drive, Madison, and tell them that you are glad they are a friend of Gatherings!