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G A T H E R I N G S | Pizza

Everybody loves pizza - that's a given. However, it was not the pizza that everybody fell in love with on this evening - it was this cutie pie, Allie Elkin. Late yesterday afternoon was the first time I had actually met Allie. Our mutual friend, Rebecca Broom, had mentioned her as a possible Gatherings teacher for a pizza class. So for the last month, she and I had developed a pretty serious texting relationship - ha - from her agreeing to teach to organizing the evening in our minds. So when I pulled up in front of Cowboy's Kitchens and saw her walking out of the front door from unloading her car, I immediately knew we had already started thinking alike. We both were wearing black. It kinda felt like college days when all the girls started thinking and dressing alike. Speaking of college days, it seemed like everybody was connecting relationships through their college days as we sat around and visited. We had such a blast on this evening ... I love girlfriends - they are just good for my soul!

Allie whipped up some fun appetizers and a delicious salad for us to enjoy while our pizzas were cooking. We did not leave this Gatherings hungry - that's for sure!