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G A T H E R I N G S | Pizza

Everybody loves pizza - that's a given. However, it was not the pizza that everybody fell in love with on this evening - it was this cutie pie, Allie Elkin. Late yesterday afternoon was the first time I had actually met Allie. Our mutual friend, Rebecca Broom, had mentioned her as a possible Gatherings teacher for a pizza class. So for the last month, she and I had developed a pretty serious texting relationship - ha - from her agreeing to teach to organizing the evening in our minds. So when I pulled up in front of Cowboy's Kitchens and saw her walking out of the front door from unloading her car, I immediately knew we had already started thinking alike. We both were wearing black. It kinda felt like college days when all the girls started thinking and dressing alike. Speaking of college days, it seemed like everybody was connecting relationships through their college days as we sat around and visited. We had such a blast on this evening ... I love girlfriends - they are just good for my soul!

Allie whipped up some fun appetizers and a delicious salad for us to enjoy while our pizzas were cooking. We did not leave this Gatherings hungry - that's for sure!






Scott Jackson of Colony Wine Market in Madison continues to bless us with a new bubbly for every Gatherings event. This selection was a huge hit by the ladies. Almansa is one of Spain's best kept secrets. Its indigenous grape varietal, Garnacha Tintorera, has the unique characteristic of colored flesh in addition to its red colored skin. As a result, the varietal produces wine of intense color. Located on the southern, flat plains, its semi-arid climate together with low fertile soils ensure the vines are low yielding. The area's characteristics leads to the production of aromatic wines of deep color with good tannic structure. Make sure you visit Colony Wine Market and tell them that you would like your Gatherings Discount. Located at 121 Colony Crossing Way in Madison.



And a huge shout out to this lovely lady for continuing to be such a blessing to me. Lindsey Davis is the face behind the scene at Cowboy's Kitchens and what a beautiful face she is! The entire staff is so willing to accommodate and serve every person that walks through those doors. Just the small amount of time that I have been blessed with spending there, I have witnesses such a sweet spirit from the moment I walk in. If you are looking to redo your kitchen, or in the process of building, I encourage you to use this highly qualified and extremely welcoming bunch of Cowgirls! Located in the Township @ 1107 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 113, Ridgeland.


Below is my husband I was telling you ladies about last night ... he is my biggest and best campaigner! And for you ladies that would like to follow my campaign trail, go sign up for my website @ and like my Facebook page: Jill Ford for House of Representatives.

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