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Just a little about myself ... I love black leggings.  I am in love with my husband, Mike, of nearly 32 years year.  But ladies, I love love love some black leggings with an over-sized shirt.   Probably because middle age has robbed me of my hormones, but blessed me with a desire to eat.  


 I'm crazy about my two daughter-in-laws, and most of the time love my two sons (when they are trying to tell me how to act in public, ha) but my heart has been stolen by my precious little one-year-old grandson, Taft. 


On most days, you can find me either at home studying for a Life Group lesson that I am honored to be able to teach on Sundays, getting ready for the next Thursday evening Gatherings, or either out showing houses to clients.    


If you happen to see me around town shopping, eating in a restaurant, or just out and about at the post office, please make sure you introduce yourself to me.  It is my goal to invest my life in others to help build community and grow the Kingdom.

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