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G A T H E R I N G S | Date Night

First, let me start this blog post off with a shout out to my awesome husband. Without his help, there is no way this Gatherings | Date Night would have been possible. Sometimes I think I can accomplish more than I actually can ... basically, anything I put my mind to ... but then there is reality. So thank you, honey, for helping me move tables and chairs and getting home a little early on this Friday afternoon to make sure I had it all together. I would not want to do this life without you.


So now, let's get started on this wonderful evening. Like always, we started the evening off in prayer, giving all praise to our Father in Heaven for creating the most perfect evening. A nice breeze, but not too chilly. Good food. A fantastic group of people. And an opportunity to learn about one of the oldest blessings in the Bible: wine. In Genesis 27:28 Isaac said to Jacob, "May God give you heaven's dew and earth's richness - an abundance of grain and new wine."

[I know this picture is a little blurry, but there is something about it that stole my heart. It reminds me of an abstract piece of art. Which kinda sums up this evening , a work of art.]

"A Blank Canvas"

It was this past February when I met Scott Jackson for the first time. Scott mentioned that he had noticed Gatherings on Facebook and wondered if I would be interested in having a wine pairing class. Of course, as I had mentioned in an earlier blog post, I knew nothing about wine. I had always wanted to learn. Just never wanted to admit my ignorance. You see, for years I placed judgment on people for even drinking wine. However, it was in the Spring of 2010, after being encouraged to read the book of Luke at least three times before my trip to the Holy Land, that my judgment turned to appreciation of the blessing God created. During the third time of reading through Luke, verse 7:33 jumped off the page to me. And since then, I am slow to judge others for eating bread or drinking wine. And now, after Scott educated us on what makes a fine wine, I appreciate Jesus' ability all the more for turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

"Deciding on Your Subject"

Whoever invented Pintrest was a genius. After spending more than a couple of minutes scrolling through the multitudes of pictures on trying to decide on how to serve the menu that Scott had suggested, I decided to make individual charcuterie boards. Which was no small task for 22 people! Thank you to the young man at Lowe's for his patience while I decided on the proper wood and then cutting each board the exact size I needed. Goodness. He is a special person. And who knew that each board would need to be sanded and sealed with a special oil so that the boards would not turn rancid over time? Well, I do. Now.

"Choosing Your Color Palette"

My mamma always told me to make sure you serve a colorful plate. Using Scott's suggestions, I tried my best to pick and choose items that would be filling, extra tasty and extremely colorful. Knowing our hubbies would be more interested in meat, I did my best to give them plenty to choose from. And I think I accomplished my goal. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the selection.

"Creating Your Masterpiece"