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G A T H E R I N G S | Art with Ann Seale

When I started Gatherings over a year ago, I had no idea. Like absolutely no idea. No idea that it would end up going from me organizing an evening in my home for several ladies to gather and tap into their creative side to now meeting off-site in small businesses. If you would have told me this on the evening of our first Gatherings in November 2017, I would have scratched my head and laughed at you. Like how is that going to happen? Well, it is happening. And I am scratching my head as I sit here typing this blog post while giving thanks to our Lord for showing Himself, yet again. Only through Him will our plans exceed anything we could ever hope or imagine. So, I am dedicating the first blog post of 2019 to Him. Our Father in Heaven. Our Lord and Savoir. To Him be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.



This evening was full of excitement as we gathered at VIEW GALLERY in Canton Mart Square to learn from one super-gifted artist, Ann Seale. Ann is a seasoned painter from Jackson, Mississippi. She has been exhibiting her work professionally in galleries since 2007. Ann loves to bless others by donating her work to various charities both local and in Nashville. In 2010, Ann began getting asked for live auction pieces (two to three a year) with each piece averaging $2,000 with the most bringing in a little over $5,000. Ann is beginning to keep her donation receipts so she can teach her children the importance of giving. In fact, her artist statement shows her heart for the Lord: "I give all credit to God for blessing me with artistic ability. It is my desire to give back and help within my community as well as where I am asked and able to participate. I have loved to paint, draw and create from an early age, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this for a living." Ann truly inspired all of us to use whatever gift the Lord has given us to serve Him.

What is your gift? Do you know? If you don't, I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you discover your gift this coming year. Don't waste another minute of your life not realizing and acting in your God-given gift. It not only changes your world, but your gift will help change the world we live in by touching and ministering to others. I wonder just how much money has been raised for charities through the gift of Ann's art?



After several years of freelance interior design and two years of working for SummerHouse, Whit Geary's passion for art became a reality.

VIEW GALLERY opened in April of 2009 at the Township in Ridgeland, Mississippi. In the summer of 2015, VIEW GALLERY relocated to Canton Mart Square in Jackson, Mississippi. "I feel so grateful for the incredible experience that Lisa Palmer afforded me at SummerHouse. It was great preparation for owning my own business, although I never knew that was something I would do. I remain so thankful for all of the moving parts that God had in place that have allowed me to do something that I love so much." - Whit Geary

A special thank you to Whit Geary of VIEW GALLERY for wanting to host this event. What a perfect venue for an art class! Located at 1491 Canton Mart Road, Suite 7, Jackson, Mississippi. Check out their website to find your favorite artist showcased at VIEW GALLERY.



I do believe you ladies might have enjoyed this evening a little too much! I've never heard so much laughing. And what a pleasure it was to have Elizabeth Ford's {my daughter-in-law} mother and sister come all the way from Memphis to be a part of this evening. Thank you, Peggy Stephens and Allie Eick, for being a part of Elizabeth's good idea to gather and create while bringing unity back in community.




I so enjoy being able to show off the pretty blouses that are offered by Village Boutique at all these Gatherings events. This one might be my favorite pick so far. I just love how the sleeves hang, and the material is gorgeous. Thanks to Dana Canoy, owner of Village Boutique, for always being a friend to Gatherings. Conveniently located at 1888 Main Street, Madison, Mississippi - run by and see them today, and don't forget to as for your discount!


Casteller: this bubbly is made just like Champagne, but in Spain. Casteller literally translates as "tower" in Spanish. It is a reference to a local Catalonian summer game where different clans compete to create the tallest human tower. This wine exhibits green apple and citrus aromas. In the mouth, it has crisp, fresh flavors with lime notes and just a touch of sweetness. Thank you, Scott Jackson, of Colony Wine market for always being a friend to Gatherings.


Major thanks to Crazy Cat Eat Up Restaurant for providing the amazing charcuterie board loaded with all kinds of goodies and an array of fresh baked dessert bites. Crazy Cat has southern inspired and devilishly good food located at 1491 Canton Mart Road in the LeFleur East neighborhood of Jackson. Find them online @ Thank you Crazy Cat Eat Up for being a friend to Gatherings.


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