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G A T H E R I N G S | Calligraphy # 2

Gatherings was delighted that the super-talented Betsy Greener agreed to come back and teach another Calligraphy class on this Thursday evening. But for all of you that were at the first Calligraphy class, you might be a little upset that you were stuck with my home cooking and not fortunate enough to experience the "made from scratch" guacamole and butter crunch cake that Sombra Mexican Kitchen whipped up for us ladies to enjoy.

Sombra focuses on the fresh, flavorful tastes that are the core of their authentic food. For years now, Sunday's @ Sombra have become our little family tradition. There is hardly a Sunday that goes by that we are not walking in the door of Sombra being greeted by Diane "the hostess with the mostest" and taken care of by Ken "the General Manager/aka/our dear friend". The Sombra crew feels like family to us. So much so that when Ken and Shannon recently married in New Orleans, a whole slew of Sombraians (is that even a word) drove down to help celebrate with them. Elvis was even there!

If you're looking for a wonderful meal with a family atmosphere that will literally become family, don't waste another minute, Sombra is your place. And by all means, if you have not received the Loyalty Rewards Card, please make sure you tell them Jill said it is a must ... no telling how many free meals we have accumulated by now! Conveniently located in Ridgeland in the Township with outdoor seating, Sombra is a friend to Gatherings!


Another friend of Gatherings is Scott Jackson of Colony Wine Market. Gatherings was blessed to have Scott educate us on wine this past March when we invited our husbands to be a part of our Gatherings "Date Night". During appetizers this evening, Scott wanted us to try a nice lightly sparkling rose' called Rosa from Veneto, Italy. In his words, it is a "great summer sipper, not real tart, not sweet, but soft and fruity". But in my words "pink is my favorite color and the bottle is pretty". Goodness, you can dress me up but you can't take me out! Scott wants you to make sure you tell him to give you the Gatherings Discount next time you stop in to see him at 121 Colony Crossing Blvd in Madison.


You ladies were all so pretty tonight. So many new faces to Gatherings in this class. Which totally excites me ... my heart just melts when I see an unfamiliar face walking down my driveway. This gives me so much energy! The fact that you would come into my home to spend the evening just from hearing about Gatherings makes my heart melt. Please Ladies, never ever forget how much I adore each of you and thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.