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I need your help!

For those of you that have been to my home, you have probably noticed the bare wall in my den next to my fireplace.

This wall has been bare since the day we moved in almost 7 years ago. I have been in search for the perfect painting to hang here. So, I have decided to team up with Whit Geary @VIEWGALLERY, my Instagram followers, and Gatherings to help me finally decide on the perfect piece. I will be hanging a different painting before each Gatherings and then posting pics for you to comment on so please take the time to vote!


FIRST PIECE | "love prelude" by SOPHIA

The first piece hanging is from an artist named SOPHIA. SOPHIA is a transplant from France. All of her formative years of training were in France, Greece and Italy, where she won numerous awards. She is best known for her sophisticated mixed media abstract works with impressionistic touches that reflect life and love. This piece is named "Love Prelude". For more selections by SOPHIA, contact Whit Geary at VIEW GALLERY, a friend of Gatherings.

Please click on this link and let me know either

"yay or nay".


I appreciate y'all so much!!

Much love, Jill

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