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G A T H E R I N G S | Cinnamon Rolls

Seems like the kitchen is where everybody always congregates when we have people over, and the Gatherings "kitchen classes" are some of my most favorite. Having the ladies find their spots around one of the kitchen islands while the teacher instructs from the middle of the room seems to be the perfect set-up.


On this Thursday evening, a seasoned veteran teacher to Gatherings, Dianne Swanson a/k/a @theflourladyms, gave us step-by-step instructions on how to make homemade cinnamon rolls using her special starter mix. She began the process by showing us how to feed the starter. Then allowed us to get our hands into the dough. First, we used our handy-dandy rolling pins to flatten the dough, then we filled the dough with a sugar-cinnamon mixture, rolled the dough up in a cylinder shape, and began to cut into individual rolls. Working with our hands was so therapeutic, especially when we were kneading the dough. But the best part of this evening was breathing in the smell of cinnamon while it was baking. Well, on second thought, maybe actually biting into the "ooey-gooey, carb-o-licious creation" was the best part of the evening.

Dianne was so gracious in sharing her secret recipe with us. This is the recipe that she started using each week when making various types of rolls for her neighbors in Reunion. Now, however, her business has grown outside her neighborhood to customers all over the county. Customers drop by between set hours to pick up their delicious home-made, melt-in-your-mouth rolls. Try a variety of flavors from cinnamon, triple berry, and bananas foster to seasonal fruit specials. You can even enjoy Caprese rolls made with J Olive garlic infused olive oil, oven roasted farmers market tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese. Oh my goodness, don't you want to just click and place your order now!

Dianne is now fondly referred to by many as "The Flour Lady". She took her passion for baking and made it into a profitable home business. I would say she makes these hashtags come to life! #femaleentrepreneur #beyourownboss #dowhatyoulove


And don't you just love our new Gatherings apron!

Another lady that has taken her passion and made it profitable is Shelia Allred. Shelia loves to bless others with her new silhouette machine where she links her computer to create designs. Just Insta message @ssallred your idea and she can create it. Thanks, Shelia ... I love our aprons!


Bless This Food Catering ...

Bless This Food surely blessed us on this Thursday evening with a big ole mound of homemade chicken salad that they delivered straight to my front door. Owner, Teresa Sones, felt a calling to help working moms with nutritious and good tasting meals for those who, like herself, were too tired at the end of the day to think about what to serve for dinner. Bless This Food specializes in ready-to-bake meals to help make dinners easier and more convenient for busy families. The staff is equipped to handle all of your catering needs, including weddings, baby showers, holiday dinners and more. Order a meal for yourself or for a loved one and Bless This Food will deliver free of charge with 48 hours notice. Visit their website @ Located at 154 Jackson Street, Flora, Mississippi, Bless This Food is a friend to Gatherings.


And the winner is ...

Village Boutique is really knocking it out of the park on dressing me for these Gatherings. It has been so much fun working with Dana Canoy and watching her pick the perfect piece for me to spotlight each week. We actually tried something a little different this time and you ladies got to vote on which top you wanted to see on this Thursday evening. If you follow me on Instagram @jillford_gatherings or Dana @villageboutiquems then hopefully you played along. This top won hands down ... and don't you just love it! Now ladies, don't forget to tell Dana to give you the "Gatherings Discount" when you drop by to see her @ 1888 Main Street, Madison. Let her help you pick the perfect outfit for this coming football season. Village Boutique is a friend to Gatherings.


Two Thumbs Up ...

The ladies seemed to love this selection by Colony Wine Market. Gatherings always tries to serve a festive champagne-type drink for those ladies that enjoy having a sip of bubbly. From the Mediterranean region of France, this little lovely still rose' is named Moment de Plaisir. It shows a nose of cranberry, melon and crushed rock yielding to flavors of wild strawberry and herbs de Provence. Pairs well with summer foods from fish and shellfish to barbecue chicken. Just $14.99 @Colony_WineMarket ... but make sure you remind Scott to give you the "Gatherings Discount". Located at 121 Colony Crossing Blvd, Madison, Colony Wine Market is a friend to Gatherings.


Some of these pictures look like there might could have been more than just a sip of bubbly shared, but I promise you it was just the sugar-high that we were on! We had a large time taste-testing all this goodness. Watching you ladies share this evening meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and just plain loving on each other, makes me crazy-happy. I love being in your life.


So many wonderful classes coming up, Ladies.

Don't miss out on learning how to up your Instagram game, or how to paint, or create fun and different envelopes just in time for Christmas, or putting together a knockout Thanksgiving tablescape, or getting serious about breaking the bad-food-habit and learning how to eat healthy, the easy way. Gatherings has a huge line-up through the end of the year. Why don't you sign up for a class today, and not only learn something new, but form new friendships and build community along the way. Who knows, we might just change the world one Gatherings at a time!

Be sure to follow jillford_gatherings on Instagram so you can be in the running for this week's give away.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!


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