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For those of you that are just now joining in on the fun, two weeks ago I asked you to help me decide which painting I should hang on an empty wall next to my fireplace in my den. This wall has been blank since we moved in almost 7 years ago. I think it is high time to change that, don't you? But, I need your help to decide!

I am teaming up with Whit Geary @VIEWGALLERY, my Instagram followers, and the Gatherings girls to help me finally decide on the perfect piece. Before each Gatherings, I am hanging a different piece in hopes to get your feedback. So, let me introduce you to the next artist in this little experiment of mine.


SECOND PIECE | by Brooke Hoogendoom

This week's piece is from artist Brooke Hoogendoom of New Iberia, Louisiana. Brooke takes great pride in being a self taught artist having taken her only painting class her senior year in high school. Brooke was always thought of as an artistic person. Over ten years ago, she took on specialty painting, treating walls and pieces of furniture as their own piece of art. She painted on reclaimed materials, as well as, canvas - experimenting and developing her own unique style influenced by the culture of South Louisiana. From that point, her artistic expressions grew.

Over the last few years, Brooke has continued to experiment with different styles of artwork, slowly growing towards the freedom of abstracts. She enjoys the variety that abstract painting brings by blending colors and shapes to create a visual experience.

Brooke has been a fixture at the Big Easel Artwalk in Lafayette for the last several years, and continuously shows her work at Entre Nous and Muse of Lafayette, Louisiana, Contemporain Bankstown/Adams Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is now represented by VIEW GALLERY here in Jackson, Mississippi. For more selections by Brooke, contact Whit Geary at VIEW GALLERY, a friend of Gatherings.


Please click on this link and let me know either

"yay or nay".


To view FIRST PIECE, click here.


I appreciate y'all so much!

Much love, Jill

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