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G A T H E R I N G S | Instagram 2.0

As soon as the ladies left my house on the Thursday evening in late July from the Gatherings | Instagram 101 class, Laurel Donahoo and I started tossing around the idea of another Instagram class where she would take us to the next level, stepping up our Instagram game to greater heights. We thought how cool it would be to have this class at an off-sight location - somewhere besides my house since this would have been the third class Laurel had taught for Gatherings within just months of each other. And just like that, Arco Avenue became Laurel's top pick for housing this Instagram 2.0 class. This was the perfect "girlie" environment. We got to sit and look at shoes for two hours. Of course, all eyes on Laurel during class time {with maybe just a few blank stares into shoe space}, but mostly on that gorgeous baby-belly of hers. Almost 8 months pregnant with baby number three on the way, and Laurel never missed a beat.


ARCO AVENUE | First Off-Site Location

Arco Avenue is a women's footwear boutique that was established in 2011, with the idea that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. They have a curated selection of well-known and hard-to-find shoe lines all centering around the look and feel of the shoe. Arco Avenue also houses handbag and jewelry collections, accessorizing you in every season. Their talented staff will help you find the perfect fit and give you style tips for every day wear or for any event. So a big, huge, red-lipstick kiss to Katie Miller, owner of Arco Avenue, for allowing us the opportunity to spend the evening in your store listening and learning from the extremely humble and tech-savvy, Laurel Donahoo.


One of this evening's sponsors holds a special place in my heart. Last year at this time, my son, Crockett, was about to marry and wanted to have his rehearsal dinner in our backyard. The only request he made was that he wanted Amerigo's Fettuccine Alfredo and pizza. Well, little did I know that Amerigo was part of a group of restaurants that have their own catering company. 4 Top Catering consists of Amerigo, Char, Sombra, Anjou, and Saltine which allows you to mix items from each restaurant's menu. Basically, you can have five types of cuisine served at your event. All from the same catering company. Brilliant idea! So, the menu for Crockett's rehearsal dinner was a little bit of everything and a whole lot of good!

4 Top Catering helped with every detail, from table set-up to a super-attentive wait staff and then stayed to help clean up.

And Crockett Ford's mama was tickled PINK!

On this evening, Gatherings got to experience a little bit of the magic from 4 Top Catering with margarita and pesto veggie pizzas and praline bread pudding for dessert. Shut the front door! It was fabulous. Thank you, 4 Top Catering, for being such a good friend to Gatherings.